California Science Center

California Science Center

The California Science Center (also known as ScienCenter) is a dynamic museum that allows visitors to enjoy the wonders of science through interactive exhibits and fascinating presentations.

This California Science Center houses a number of permanent exhibitions with a variety of themes, although its most popular and famous attraction is the Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Permanent Exhibitions

  • Ecosystems: Includes live animals and a range of interactive exhibitions. This area allows you to discover the connection that exists between living things and the environment they live in.
  • Creative World: Travel through history's different inventions and innovations, and conduct experiments that will allow you to discover some of the most important scientific advances first-hand.
  • Air and Space: In the most popular area of the museum you'll be able to discover real aerospace artefacts and marvel at the design and operation of different aeroplanes and spacecrafts.
  • The world of life: Discover the vital processes that are shared by humans, plants, animals and even microorganisms alike through a "tunnel of life" that explores fascinating topics such as energy, waste, reactions, defence mechanisms, reproduction, and much more. 

Endeavour Space Shuttle

Located in the Samuel Oschin Pavilion, Endeavour Space Shuttle is the highlight of the California Science Center.

With 25 successfully completed missions and 299 days in space, Space Shuttle Endeavour was first launched in 1992 and has participated in several historic missions such as the first mission to repair the Hubble Space Telescope and several visits to the International Space Station.

Visitors also get the chance to discover other fascinating aspects such as how a toilet works in space, or the special "kitchens" used by astronauts to prepare their dehydrated meals.


Whether you're travelling with children or not, the California Science Center is a fascinating museum for all visitors, and the Space Shuttle Endeavour is definitely a must-see.


Every day: from 10 am to 5 pm


Free entry (in high season it's a good idea to book your ticket for the popular areas such as Endeavour, which costs US$ 2).
Temporary exhibitions often have an entry charge, such as the IMAX movies. 

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