The Weather

Los Angeles is famous for its idyllic, warm climate. Temperatures are high but pleasant all year round while rainfall is uncommon and mainly limited to the winter months.


Summers in Los Angeles aren't too hot, although the humidity can make it feel hotter. The maximum average temperature in July and August is no higher than 29 degrees, and the average minimum temperature is no lower than 17 degrees


Winter months are the rainiest in Los Angeles and temperatures are mild, ranging from 9 - 14 degrees in December and January. It's never particularly cold in Los Angeles, but the humidity and rain during the winter months mean it isn't the best season to book your trip. 

When to Visit 

Although anytime is a good time to visit Los Angeles, we recommend going in springtime, as the temperatures are pleasant and it doesn't rain much. 

For those looking to spend their holiday on the famous California beaches, summer is the best time of year to go.