Disney Adventure Park

Disney Adventure Park

Although it's the smaller of the parks at Disneyland California, the Disney Adventure Park is the best option for thrilling rides and adrenaline, with a range of rollercoasters, simulators and racetracks.

Disney Adventure Park is the smaller and newer of the two Disneyland California parks. It opened its doors in 2001, to great fanfare, and although it doesn't have as many visitors as Disneyland Park, it still has plenty to offer its thrill-seeking visitors.


  • Golden Zephry: one of the park's star attractions is this special space inspired by the sci-fi films of the 1920s. You'll feel as though you're truly travelling through space at hyperspeed!
  • Incredicoaster: the attraction with the most loop-the-loops and drops in the entire park, and a favourite among the bravest guests. You'll pass through dark tunnels and steep curves while you hunt down the naughty Jack-Jack.
  • Grizzly River Run: on the Disney Adventure Park rapids, you're guaranteed excitement. Slide down the Californian Rio Bravo at top speed, crossing waterfalls along the way. Pure adrenaline!
  • Inside Out: this attraction submerges you in the mind of the protagonist of this animated movie. Abstract and creative as the film, it must be seen to be believed!
  • Guardians of the Galaxy: the stars of this famous movie depend on your help to escape! One of the most exciting and interactive attractions in the park.

How many days?

If you're planning to spend several days visiting Disneyland California, we recommend spending at least one at the Disney Adventure Park. Although it's smaller than the other two parks, often groups of friends and families with older children prefer this park. Adrenaline plus Disney, what's not to like?!