Beverly Hills

Beverly Hills

Located in northwest Los Angeles, Beverly Hills is overflowing with glamour, mansions and filmstars

As it's so close to Downtown Los Angeles, it's common to think of Beverly Hills as one of the city's neighbourhoods, but it is, in fact, a city in itself; one of the 88 that make up the Los Angeles County.

Beverly Hills is sometimes referred to as "90210" because of the series from the 90s about a group of teenagers which had a large following during its broadcast.


It began as a small town founded on crop fields, and today there is no trace of Beverly Hills' ancient roots. Where there were once ranches and cottages, a group of businessmen began building luxurious mansions, and the area quickly became a hotspot.

The new Beverly Hills began to attract much of Los Angeles' elite, making it one of California's most luxurious areas. In 1927, a building was built that would later become a landmark: the Beverly Hills Hotel.


One of the most popular activities among tourists visiting Beverly Hills is a tour of celebrity homes. Most are surrounded by vast expanses of land and have strict security so visibility is limited, but you never know- you might see someone famous in the street or leaving their home!

If you're in Beverly Hills you can't miss out on a visit to Rodeo Drive, Los Angeles' most exclusive shopping street, as well as Sunset Boulevard, one of Los Angeles' most iconic streets.

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