Health Insurance

Health Insurance

Before travelling to the US it's useful to know how healthcare and travel insurance works, as healthcare is private and a small accident could lead to big costs.

Healthcare in the US works differently to what you may be used to, as it's private and you may need a prescription to obtain certain medication that you would be able to buy over the counter in other countries.  

The minimum price for a consultation is around US$ 300, so it's a good idea to err on the side of caution and take out private health insurance before you travel. 

Check Your Insurance

Before taking out health insurance it's a good idea to check any other insurance policies you already have, such as car or house insurance, as they sometimes include travel insurance. 

Another option is to make the most of insurance offered by credit cards. Make sure you read all the clauses as if you've paid for your flight with it, you may be offered some form of travel insurance. 

Travel Insurance

If you aren't covered by any kind of travel insurance, at Civitatis we offer comprehensive travel insurance for just  21 (US$ 22.50) per person:

Civitatis Travel Insurance