Mulholland Drive

Mulholland Drive

Built in 1924 to later become one of the most iconic roads in the United States, Mulholland Drive is a circling road with a scenic backdrop that has featured in many films, novels and songs over the years. 

Designed in the mid-1920s to later become one of the country's busiest roads, it is 21 miles long and most of it has lanes in both directions. At the intersection with Encino Hills Drive the road becomes a dirt road, known as "Dirt Mulholland", where motor vehicles cannot circulate.

Today Mulholland Drive is home to large, exclusive mansions and offers spectacular views of Los Angeles. Mulholland Drive is much more than just a road to get from one place to another; the road is the destination itself. Along the way, you'll see views of the LA skyline you'll never forget.

Guided Tour 

If you haven't rented a car or you'd prefer to visit without worrying about parking and directions, you can see Mulholland Drive on our Hollywood Celebrity & Star Homes Tour.

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