Depending on the journey you have to make, the bus may be a good option, or you may lose too much time with transfers. Check out this page to consider the options available.

In Los Angeles the bus service is run by two companies, running both the centre and in different areas of the suburbs:

Metro Bus

The Metro Bus service is managed by the same company as the metro rail, a bus network with over 200 lines divided into different types:

  • Local Metro: The orange buses run through the main streets of the city making regular stops, ideal for short journeys.
  • Metro Rapid Service: The red buses run through the main streets of the city making few stops and using special lanes that allow them to travel faster.
  • Express: Metro Express blue buses make long journeys with few stops. These buses use the city's motorways.
  • Metro Silver Line: Goes from South Bay and the San Gabriel Valley to Downtown Los Angeles.
  • Metro Orange Line: Orange buses link the northern part of Hollywood with the Woodland Hills area, where the Warner studios are located.


You can pay in cash if you have the exact amount, but drivers don't carry change.

To use the metro you need to buy a TAP card, which costs around US$ 1 to US$(depending on where you buy it), and which can be topped up as many times as you want. You can only buy one card per person.

Ticket Type Adults Seniors over 62 Students
1 journey US$ 1.75 US$ 0.75 US$ 1
1 day US$ 7 US$ 2.50 -
7 days US$ 25 - -


The Los Angeles Department of Transportation, known as LADOT, also provides a fairly complete bus service called DASH (Downtown Area Short Hop) that runs in the centre and the main suburbs of Los Angeles.


The service has 5 lines that run in the city centre (Downtown) and 27 other lines that run in different areas such as Hollywood, Vermont, Koreatown and Chinatown, among others.


Adults: US$ 0.50 per journey
7 Day Pass: US$ 5
Children under 4: free